Why was it designed?

The 360 Laser Lipo was designed to specifically address spot fat reduction or inch loss and body contouring. It is administered in relaxing 30-60 minute sessions. There is no surgery or pain or extensive recovery time.

Who is an Ideal 360 Laser Lipo Candidate?

The 360 Laser Lipo is the ideal treatment for all body types when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It works synergistically with the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms. It specifically targets troublesome areas to remove inches.

How Does a 360 Laser Lipo Work?

The LED energy safely penetrates the skin targeting the fat cells (Subcutaneous layer). Once the cells are permeated, they release fatty acids, water and glycerol, or triglycerides. The triglycerides are released from the fat cells and the body uses them as an energy source. The fat cells then “shrink” significantly resulting in inch loss and the removal of cellulite.

  • Waistline
  • Mid and lower abdomen
  • Upper mid and lower back
  • Buttocks and thigh areas
  • Arms and underarms

What Should I Expect During a Treatment?

You can relax in a comfortable position while a 360 Laser Lipo technician secures the paddles to the target area.

What Happens After a Treatment?

You are free to resume normal activities immediately after each session—including exercise. Remember: 360 Laser Lipo Light is safe, noninvasive and you will experience no pain or side effects.